Oh hi there! 😊

Good to have you on our website! My name is Menno and I live Amsterdam. In the summer of 2019, I was in Bali for a wedding. In my diligent preparations I sought for that one pair of shorts that could keep me covered for most of my holiday. Not knowing what my plans were exactly, I needed something lightweight, high in comfort that enabled me to go different ways. After all I knew the weeks would be a healthy cocktail of rather sportive activities, chilling around the beach and enjoying some drinks with friends. In my endeavor to find this one pair of shorts, I failed massively. None of the existing options matched with my needs. And you know what happens during holidays...

Great ideas turn into concrete actions! Now - after some years - Kikr shorts are a fact and I am very confident about this solution. Hopefully you guys will be too! I invite you to take part of this journey and enjoy the feeling of convenience and the freedom that it gives. Please give your feedback so we can improve our quest to create the perfect men's summer shorts!

Menno 🌴

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